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We really are spoiling you members at the moment. Not only have we got an amazing casting for you with one of the sexiest women yet to grace the casting couch, but you also get another two for one as my business partner Jim was attending the casting. Which means you get some girl on girl action with Shalina and I, and yet also get to see Jim insert his massive member into her vice like pussy. When she first walked I was stunned by her natural beauty, even Jim started tent poling in his trousers. Shalina is a very pretty girl with great legs, skinny body and nice ample tits with big, perky nipples that stand to attention like soldiers. We sold her the usual story and she was more then happy to do a casting video with both Jim and I. I went first as my pussy was aching for attention, she loved licking my pussy, even commenting I had a very tasty pussy. She knew exactly what she was doing, I was soon climbing the stairs to pleasure land as she expertly licked me to an amazing, colour bursting orgasm. I returned the favour, fingering and sucking on her pussy like it was my last night on Earth. She had an amazing orgasm, almost going through the couch she was pressed so hard into it as she came. Then it was Jim's turn and he was like an unleashed animal, fucking  her in spoon before pounding her in reverse cowgirl. She then took him into her mouth and this girl could suck a tennis ball through a straw, I could see Jim desperately trying to keep his balls in check. Then Jim fucked her in cowgirl, plunging In and out of her tight, meat filled pussy. It was all too much for him in the end and he just managed to pull out in time and empty both his balls onto her ass cheeks. What can I say, maybe one of the best castings yet, I just wished we'd thought of sticking Jim's dick up her ass as well. One of my favourite castings to date regardless. I'm horny just remembering and writing this down, will have to take care of myself right now.
Jane has amazingly large breasts. They are heavy, succulent and amazingly big. Did I mention Jane's breasts? Sorry, cant get them out of my mind. As soon as I saw them packed into her top tighter then an egg I knew I needed to touch, squeeze, fondle and suck on those momentous mammary glands. But alas, it was not to be. After agreeing to do a casting video following my fake advice, I had just started feeling her breasts and kissing her neck when she called a halt to the entire thing. She just was not comfortable being with another girl, she thought she could do it but she just found it too weird. Fair enough, but she wasn't going anywhere till I'd seen her in action. I immediately called Jim our business partner and mentor on the phone and told him to come on over right away as she agreed to do a casting with him. It wasn't long before her lips were wrapped around his bendy cock before it disappeared into flesh heaven as she wanked him with her tits. They were soon fucking in a variety of positions and just watching those breasts jiggle and bounce was almost more then I could bare. I was gutted it wasn't me being devoured by Jane, but at least it wasn't a total failure and we had nothing to show for it. Jim's cum-shot was, as always impressive, and without further ado I tried to get them both to leave so I could take care of myself. A great casting for my partner, not so for me, the next one had better watch out as I am raging horny now.